Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tangled Up Memories

This is a 5 Year Journal post. The goal is to answer a simple journal prompt each day of the year as a real record of daily life in this moment. 

January 4 - What was your best memory of last year?
2011 was wrought with bad memories, including bot a failed IVF cycle and a miscarriage. Sometimes its hard to see beyond those things to pick a good memory, even though I know there were some. 2011 was also wrought with complicated memories – in other words, memories that should be joyful but are tangled up with painful feelings. The addition of my nephew to the family was both amazing and difficult for me – I love getting to know him but the whole situation often triggers very painful feelings that I still haven't worked through. And then I feel guilty for not being filled with joy. Ugh. Anyway… good memory (and I'm aware that this makes me sound shallow, but sometimes its the silly things that get us from one day to the next) is:
Getting my iPhone (I seriously love it far more than I should!)

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