Friday, January 20, 2012


This is a 5 Year Journal post. The goal is to answer a simple journal prompt each day of the year as a real record of daily life in this moment. 

January 20: What is something you've created recently?

We made this banner as a custom order for Caroline, who is turning 1 soon. Her mom wanted to feature it at her first birthday party, and we were honored to make it happen!

I have often made banners like this for family and friends as birthday gifts because I love the idea of making the house a little extra special on someone's birthday (or any special day) and because I think that a handmade, reusable banner is much more special than something plastic from Wal-Mart. I envision the banner displayed year after year, evoking feelings of excitement and nostalgia for the person of honor.  I hope it sees as many happy occasions as I envision for it!

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