Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I like to think of myself as an ambassador of craftiness to the outside world. And I recently discovered that many in the outside world don't know about swaps. In the internet crafty blog world, Swaps are ALL the rage, and it just so happens that I'm participating in one right now.....SO I've taken it upon myself to enlighten the uninitiated about the world of swaps. 

Swaps are like Christmas and pen pals all rolled into one fun event that can happen any time of the year! Here's how they work:
  • One benevolent blogger coordinates the whole shebang out of the kindness of her heart and maybe the desire to make new friends and let more people know about her awesome blog.
  • The swap coordinator outlines the details of her particular swap on her blog and invites people to sign up. Each swap has its own guidelines and personality. Sometimes people swap fabric that meets a certain criteria or theme, fabric scraps they have in their stash, quilt blocks that follow a particular pattern or style, or finished craft projects like tote bags or potholders.
  • Once you have signed up to participate in the swap, the coordinator typically matches you up with a partner - sometimes based on similar personal styles and sometimes randomly. In fabric swaps the coordinator usually receives all the fabric and then parcels it up and sends it back out to each participant so that you (and everyone else) ends up with a fun new variety of fabrics. In project swaps, you usually create for one person while a different person creates for you.
  • You mail out your fabric or project by the deadline and patiently (or not so) await your goods to arrive in the mailbox. Then, one day, the mail carrier smiles upon you and brings you a surprise! When its all said and done you end up with fresh new crafty goodness, a few new cyber friends, and maybe some new blog readers. A good deal all around!
I am participating in the Secret Santa swap coordinated by Kara from Me and Elna. Its her first swap ever and there are about 20 people from all around the WORLD participating! Participants have been tasked to make a special crafty gift for their partner to lead up to the holiday season when many of us make for others but don't often receive handmade gifts ourselves. I am soooo excited to be involved and I can't wait to get my present! I'm also having fun making the gift for my partner - I think we'll be pals after this. But unfortunately I can't post ANY pics yet, since its a surprise! But I'll post allllll about it in less than a month after my partner has received what I hope she thinks is a fun gift!
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