Tuesday, October 2, 2012

To Infinity (Scarf)! And Beyond!

Question: What do you wear to an autumn bridal shower when you feel like all of your clothes are so boring you can't possibly be seen in them (because, of course, everyone will be focused on your outfit - not on, you know, the BRIDE) or suspiciously smaller and tighter than you remember them being?

Answer: SCARF! Actually, I'm beginning to think that a scarf is the answer to most questions in life. They can really solve a lot of problems.

So that is how I found myself looking through my fabric stash and embarking on a scarf sewing project at 9:30 pm on Friday. I've made a couple simple fabric scarves before - just two loooooong rectangles of fabric sewn right side together and turned right side out. But this time I wanted something a little more fancy.

I found the perfect fabric I'd been just waiting to find the perfect project for and a great tutorial on Kill Them With Craftiness and within about an hour, I had this:

The only thing I'd change is the width - its 12 inches wide and I feel like that's a LOT of fabric - for my neck anyway. I'm thinking 8 inches next time. But otherwise - I love it and I'd totally recommend changing your life with a new scarf - an infinity scarf!


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