Thursday, January 19, 2012


This is a 5 Year Journal post. The goal is to answer a simple journal prompt each day of the year as a real record of daily life in this moment. 

January 19: What is your current favorite website?

I love a lot of websites. Especially now that I have the internet with me wherever I go, encased in a nicely portable little iFriend, I can easily get sucked into the productivity Bermuda Triangle that is the internet. So its hard to narrow down the choices.....

....but here's one I'm kind of addicted to checking at least once a day. I'm a sucker for cute, and I like looking at pictures, so the website Must Have Cute is perfect for me. They feature pictures mostly of cute products and food, and sometimes links to find, buy, or make them. Here are a few of my recent favorite featured products:

Buy a happy slice of toast necklace here!

Narwhal Notebook can be purchased here

Learn how to make these adorable cookies here!


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