Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Trip To Terry's

Randy and I wanted to try something new for dinner and we were in the mood for burgers, so we took Guy Fieri's advice and went to Terry's Turf Club in Mt. Washington because it is, according to him, "legitimately wild". And because it lays claim to Ohio's Best Burger, according to Food Network Magazine. Lately we've been giving in to our more timid and lazy tendencies and finding excuses not to branch out and go to new places like we used to love to do. I think we are afraid of what would amount to restaurant failure -  the food being bad,  the atmosphere being too stressful, the whole thing generally being a hassle (ugh - we sound so boring). But we pushed ourselves out of our nest and hopped over to Terry's. And despite having to wait 30 minutes outside in the drizzle for a table AND having to sit at the bar, I can still report.....It. Was. Amazing.

The burgers are enormous - I'm thinking at least 1/3 pound and come with all kinds of fancy topping options. Randy got his with bleu cheese, caramelized onions, and a roasted red pepper/goat cheese sauce. I opted for Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, and a burgundy wine sauce with wild mushrooms and truffles. I had to ask for a knife and fork to eat mine because it was literally 3x the width of my open mouth. My eating method earned me some good-natured trash talk from Terry - THE Terry - but it was worth it. Please enjoy a photographic tour of the awesomeness that is Terry's Turf Club. All photos taken with Randy's iPod, Hipstomatic app.

Terry's at first glance:

This sign is fun...except I don't think they serve hot dogs...

The decor WAS legitimately wild...and I'd imagine a bit over-stimulating for those who suffer from attention deficits.

One of the first times sitting at the bar to eat was potentially more enjoyable than having a private table. One thing that struck me about Terry's was that the staff all legitimately seemed to be having a good time, which was especially refreshing.

Fun stuff to look at while waiting for our burgers, including several of these colorful, metallic, cylindrical beer coolers.

Burgers.....glorious burger - dripping with burgundy wine sauce. And look at that luscious bun.

And now, to roll out of the restaurant and try to squeeze into the car.


  1. I saw that episode! However if you want the best burgers ever come to Minneapolis and we'll take you guys to Nook.

  2. Looks REALLY yummy!

  3. This is 5 minutes from our house but we've never been! Always mean to, but then see the wait and decide not. Maybe soon ;)

  4. I'm going to have to take Andy now...maybe it's not as bad on a weeknight??


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