Saturday, March 5, 2011


We spent more time at the hospital today to give the new little sprout a gift that would have been ready as soon as he was if he'd waited until today to arrive, as the nurses had predicted yesterday.  We are excited to have a brand new model for Spotted Elephant items - babies make better models than the Styrofoam balls we've been using.

The hat is made of a bamboo/acrylic blend yarn and is topped with a stem and leaf.

We enjoyed getting to see the family again (including my grandparents), but the weekend has been emotionally exhausting for Randy and me. We're still grieving our losses, and though we're glad to get to know our nephew it doesn't take away the sting of wishing we were the ones in the hospital showing off the tiny being that is the melding of our two souls, or the very real fear that we will never get to.

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