Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Paper Cuts

If no one hears from me in the next couple days it probably means I've either been crushed under the weight of a paperwork avalanche or contracted a deadly massive paper cut. I am coordinating all the paperwork necessary for our home study (a lot) and Randy is coordinating a home refinance (its one of his hobbies since becoming a banker - I think this is our third in 3 years). We joked that all we do anymore is request that the other signs on the dotted line of yet another form. Our marriage has become very litigious! :)

Anyhoo - I really don't have time to write much today because I am busy filling out:
  • financial statement
  • FBI background check form
  • FBI fingerprint card
  • Kentucky State Police background check form
  • Kentucky Cabinet of Family Services records form
  • reference form
  • adoption and child care philosophy quesionairre
  • adoptive father family background questionairre
  • adoptive mother family background questionairre
  • animal safety statement
  • grievances procedures agreement
  • post placement visit agreement

And probably more that I'm not recalling right now!

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