Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Have the BEST Swap Partner!

Attention: This is a message from....wait for it....THE FUTURE. I know - its amazing. Why have I come back from the future to write a message here? Well.....because I got kinda busy in November and December of 2012 AND I discovered Instagram - so I basically became a total blog slacker. But come January 2013 (the FUTURE) my slightly obsessive brain didn't like the idea that there were no blog posts for November or December. And despite advice to just do a catch-up post in January, I decided I MUST finish the year of blog posts IN ORDER. So I've come from the FUTURE to write posts here in 2012. The post you are about to read has traveled through space and time to hang out here in tidy chronological order for the rest of eternity. Ahhhh....this feels right. :)

 Remember when I posted about the Secret Santa Swap I am participating in? Well, my swap gift arrived today! Early!! From Austrailia!!! And it is the BEST gift I could have possibly ever gotten. Ever. Its a bag. With a zipper (which I haven't attempted on my own yet). With a Zipper (weiner dog). It has a weiner dog. It also features some of my favorite fabric lines, including Half Moon by Moda and Reunion by Sweetwater. AND it has a little elephant block. AND it has a little mini dachshund block. It is 100% perfect in every single aspect. I am using to hold my knitting and I take it everywhere!

Here it is:

Didn't I tell you it was perfect? It was made by Cat from Cat and Vee - a crafty duo who specialize in screen printing and other fabric goodies. They weiner dog featured on the bag is called Pip Squeak, which i think is the most perfect name for a little illustrated sausage dog (as they say in Austrailia). Have I used the word "perfect" too much in this post? It can't be helped - its true! You can purchase some of their goods right here in their Etsy shop!

The front of it is not the only awesome part. Look at the back!

Here's a view of the all powerful and mysterious ziper:


And the final test? Turns out its Zipper approved!

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  1. gorgeous blog post, and awesome pics, thank you so much for saying such lovely things!! If it's ok with you, I will link to this post when I next do a post - I need to write a post with 11 things about me from when Kara nominated us for a blogger award thing. 11 things!!

    I don't even know how you've written blog posts that travel through time, can you change the date on them, or did you have some saved in draft for a couple of months?

    take care, and thanks so much again, Catherine


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