Monday, September 24, 2012

Triumphant Return After a Long Hiatus

I cannot believe we haven't blogged since APRIL 30. I feel ashamed and repentant. BUT not toooo repentant to offer a long list of excuses for why we were toooooo busy, as follows:

We became Charity Race Enthusiasts and walked in three: including the River Run, the Flying Pig, and the Hyde Park Blast. Maybe someday I'll run! Maybe....

 I helped run Girl Scout Camp!

I got a hair cut!

We went to Jamaica to celebrate the anniversary of our being hitched!

And I worked on a quilt for me! (Finished photos coming soon!)

Some pretty good excuses if I do say so myself! But now we're BACK! And we have lots of fun stuff coming up this fall, including new hats, a craft room makeover, a quilt tutorial, craft swaps, and the next steps in our parenthood quest. Its good to be back. :)

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