Friday, March 9, 2012

Warmth: Day 9/31 Day Photo Challenge

What's warmer than a baked potato, loaded with goodness at the end of a long day?

Photo taken with iPhone: Standard Camera

Side note: see those fresh chopped green onions? Those were home grown! On our window sill! In water! Remember back on February 2 when I told you about the possibilities of ETERNAL GREEN ONIONS? Turns out, the Pinterest rumors were TRUE. We placed the bottom white parts of a bunch of green onions in a shot glass of water, set it on the window sill and hoped for the best. They started out looking like this:
Eternal Green Onions Experiment: Day 1

 And a little over a week later, we had THIS:
Eternal Green Onions Experiment: Day 10
And they're still going strong. I read that you should change out the water regularly and rinse the bottoms off from time to time and have found this to be true. The parts in the water somehow get uber-slimy. I'm not sure how long we can keep this up - we'll just have to see - and I'll keep you posted!

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